Blue Water Corgis

Blue Water Corgis
Beau Geste, Maxwell and Elizabeth

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another lesson learned for the humans in the household

One evening last summer in August.  Some friends called and invited us to go out for dinner.  I am always up for eating out!  I suggested to my husband that we leave the pups out to see how they do while we are away.  At this time Maxwell was 5 months and Beau was 16 months.  We left them in a room downstairs that used to belong to one of our sons.  We left fresh water and plenty of toys and other items to chew on.  We figured we would be gone a couple of hours.  During our time away from the house we were joking with the other couple about leaving the puppies out of the crates UNATTENDED!  They joked about leaving their elderly mother home alone, what kind of trouble she could get into.  We enjoyed a nice meal at a restuarant called Knot Just A Bar, located in Omena MI.
When we arrived home my husband went to let the pups out.  He yelled OH MY GOSH, Lisa you better get down here and bring the camera. 

This is what we found.

Beau couldn't bring himself to stop chewing!

Sorry this is fuzzy, you will note Beau is NOW chewing on a rawhide!  The look of glee on Maxwell's face.  He is saying "We had the best time mama, can you leave us out of our crates again!"

To say the least we do not leave them unattended yet.  They are either in their crates or we have an area in the lower level we call the play pen.
Side note: Thankfully this was the only piece of furniture they have ruined, and who knows where that chair came from?  One of our sons brought it home from college, I had been trying to get it out of the house for years.  The boys did me a big favor!

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