Blue Water Corgis

Blue Water Corgis
Beau Geste, Maxwell and Elizabeth

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Other Passion

I know this is a blog about the life of Beau and Maxwell. (But) I had to add a couple of pics of our eagles that perch in our tree in our front yard.  We live on West Bay and there are plenty of fish and ducks for the eagles.  We have been watching them for 6 years and we never tire of seeing them.  They are amazing raptors.  I have trained the dogs to not bark at the eagles.  We have had them in the trees staring down at the dogs.  The only time I worried was when the boys were puppies.  I thought the eagles might think they were tasty little morsels to snatch up. The eagles are constantly leaving us the remains of fish and ducks, which Beau and Max either like to eat or roll in.  Everyone asks us if we would like them to nest in our yard.  We say NO.  I don't think that would be safe.  I have been watching the Decorah Eagles on UStream and have found this to be an incredible way to learn about their nesting habits.  There is a raptor rehabilitation facility in our area called Wings of Wonder.  We have been blessed to go and witness an eagle released back into the wild.  It was so moving I cried.
I am very passionate about the eagles, I love them almost as much as my corgis.

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  1. First egg laid 2/17/12 on my niece's birthday so we will call that one Steph. Second egg laid on 2/20/12 the day Aunt Nik died, so we will call that one Nik. Last year there were 3 eggs. So exciting!