Blue Water Corgis

Blue Water Corgis
Beau Geste, Maxwell and Elizabeth

Friday, October 5, 2012

Princess Elizabeth's first family

Elle's mom "Bella"
Elle's dad "Jax"
Elle comes from champion bloodlines! This is her grandfather.


This is the picture I was chosen from.  What a cutie!  My first name was "Prim"
Here is a picture of my litter mates.  I come from a family of 7, 4 girls and 3 boys.  We are from the kennel of "Lil Ridge Corgis" in Sanford Michigan.  We have been very happy with this breeder and all of her expertise on corgis.  She has been very helpful with all of our questions.
This is my new mom Lisa, I love her a lot and my new dad Geoff.
Daddy Geoff has a crush on me.  I am his little girl and he is so thrilled to have me here.
My big brothers Beau and Max couldn't wait for my arrival.  They are the best bros a girl could ever get.  From day one they treated me like royalty!  Elle is loving life here in Traverse City.  She is a sweet puppy.  She acts so much older than her age.  She does everything she can to keep up with the boys.  My registered name is Blue Water Princess Elizabeth.  My family calls me Elle or Ellie.  Some of my nicknames are: Ellie the bean, Beanie Baby, Lizzie, Ellie Mae, and Baby.

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